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Neptune will harness and engage both audience and journalists in the transmission of journalistic content and practices.

Traditional Skills

Skills that are essential for mastering new methods of gathering and delivering news and information.

Speed & Accuracy

Accurate and clear in the way you express yourself, and to do that under pressure and quickly.

Social Media

An awareness of how social media works and how social networks relate to news.

Take a Look

Mobile data usage across the continent, from South Africa to Kenya, Nigeria to Ghana, will grow up to 20 times between 2013 and 2019, twice the anticipated global growth, aided by a drop in the price of handsets and data. - Ericsson.
Africa's internet penetration will reach 50 per cent by 2025 and there are expected to be 360 million smart phones on the continent by then, roughly double the number in the United States currently - Einashe
New media can have a positive impact of holding people to account but it can also have the negative impact of carrying these stories which are not true. - Einashe

African Journalism

Africa continues to be defined by stereotypes: it is poor; it is conflict-ridden; it is starving and dangerous. It is the helpless continent, or – if those invariably white editors are in a good mood – it is "Africa rising", the positive generalisations just as sweeping as all the negative ones which came before. The potential real-world impact of all this is obvious. Policy is determined, money is spent and decisions are made at all levels based on an outsider's view of Africa. If the image is wrong, then the policy will be too. And if the vision is formed by often clueless interlopers, then chances are that the representation is wrong.

This has implications when it comes to protecting freedom of expression in Africa, particularly press freedom. Usually, there is a lot of emphasis on governments to guarantee freedom of expression. This is as it should be: censorship and media manipulation are widespread, and the powers-that-be are overwhelmingly responsible for imposing these types of restrictions.

Our Idea

Neptune Technologys' understands the essence of truthful information especially in relation to Africa. Our ain is to create a point where the best brains in Technology & Journalism from Africa meet on one single platform to tell our story as we see it. This portal is to serve as a platform for information dissemination and gathering on the African continent.

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