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Neptune Technologys' understands the essence of truthful information especially in relation to Africa. Our ain is to create a point where the best brains in Technology & Journalism from Africa meet on one single platform to tell our story as we see it. This portal is to serve as a platform for information dissemination and gathering on the African continent.

Here’s what it is, and how we can fix it!

Victoria Tuffoun, a 30-year-old mother of Stephen Nyarkotey was happily surprised when she went to register her baby at Abloma in


Is your personal information really protected?

I want to open a bank account with the money I found on the floor. So I head to the


Rapid changes in technology trends are forcing humans to keep up in order to stand the chance of surviving in a competitive world. Technology has,


In September 2015, over 130 world leaders gathered at the United Nations headquarters in New York, and adopted the...

A youthful continent; driven by peculiar taste, expectations, rising consumer demand and usage patterns of an extremely young demographic market – that is Africa!

The Ghanaian Brand That is Redefining Internet Service Delivery in Ghana

The Telecom industry is one sector of technology that


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